Beware and Be Aware of Various Prostate Cancer Risk Factors

There is a common belief that prostate cancer affects only older men. This is wrong. You should know that it can affect any person whether he is young or old. It is one of the common cancers that affect men.

Many people should realize it. Not only men but their partners should also be aware of the symptoms, the complications involved and the dangers of the prostate cancer.

It is better to know the risk factors associated with the prostate cancer. How will you find it out that you have a risk of getting it?

Age is the first risk factor. If you are over 50 then you should not take the symptoms lightly. Statistics reveal that prostate cancer affects persons who are over the age of 50.

It is found that around 66% percent of the cases are person who are above the age of 65. If you are below 50 years then the risk is less. However you should note that your weight should not be abnormal.

The Race in which you belong also plays an important role in getting prostate cancer. It is found that African American men are prone to prostate cancer than the Caucasian men.

It is found that they have 60% more risks than other people. They are also more likely to die out of it due to lack of access to medications and other facilities. Hispanics also have the same risk. The Asian men are at low risk.

The location of your residence might also contribute the prostate cancer. People who live in South Western Europe and North America have high risk of getting prostate cancer than those who live in other part of the globe.

Another factor that should be considered is the heredity. If any person in your family tree has had prostate cancer then chances are that you are also likely to have it.

The diet you have daily should also be considered carefully. People who eat lot of red meat and more of dairy products have more risk of developing prostate cancer. Obese or over weight people also have this risk.

If overweight is accompanied with diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure then the chances are very high for you to get prostate cancer.

You have to exercise daily. Leading a sedentary lifestyle will only increase your chances of getting prostate cancer. If you exercise regularly you can decrease the chances of getting it when you get older. It is believed that vasectomy and prostate cancer have some links although it is not proved yet.


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