Are You a Male Above 40 Years of age? Never Ignore these Prostate Cancer Symptoms

In the early stage of prostate cancer most of the men do not get any symptoms at all. Only as the cancer progresses to the advanced stage you will start getting the symptoms.

A digital rectal examination is part of the routine health check up. This might reveal the prostate cancer accidentally. This is how most of the people come to know that they have prostate cancer. A gloved finger is inserted in the rectum to feel any abnormal growth in the prostate.

You will get the symptoms only when you find it difficult in urinating where the urethra is blocked due to the enlargement of the prostate or because of the cancer.

Some of the symptoms that you may experience are difficulty in stopping and continuing urination, frequent urination, or pain during urination.

Some men might experience that their bladder is full even after urinating. In some cases after finishing urinating a dribble will be there. This shows that the bladder is not empty completely. Sometimes you will see streaks of blood in the urine. Pain during ejaculation is also there. Inability to maintain an erection is also experienced by some men. This symptom is experienced only at the advanced stage. Urinary tract infections, bladder malfunctions, and blockages are also experienced.

Even if they get these symptoms many men do not seek medical advice since they may not be aware of that it leads to prostate cancer. Only during the advanced stage they go for check up. In the advanced stage there might be fatigue and weight loss. It would have even spread to the bones and might cause pain in the bone, the back and the hips. In this stage frequent fracture might be experienced.

The exact cause for the prostate cancer is not known. It is believed that the factors such as environment, diet, hormonal imbalance, and genetics play a role in it. Scientifically some of the factors are linked to the prostate cancer cases.

Diet – People who take diet with high fat content are likely to get prostate cancer.

Genetic – if any person in your family has had prostate cancer then the chances that you might get it are bright. If any of the close relative had it then the chances for you are increased 2 to 3 times.

Race – your race also plays an important role. If you are an African American then your chance of getting it is approximately 2 times than that of the white men. Moreover you might even get is early in your life.

Age – older men are prone to prostate cancer than the younger men. Statistics reveal that about 80% of the men who reported of prostate cancer are above 65 years of age.

Chemicals – exposure chemicals like Cadmium might increase your risk of getting prostate cancer.
There is no evidence whether there is any link between the frequency of having sexual activity and the prostate cancer.



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