A Non-Steroidal Drug Called Casodex Treats Prostate Cancer

A prostate cancer patient can try to find what Casodex is in relation to prostate cancer. Casodex is a new oral, non steroidal anti androgen drug taken once a day to treat prostate cancer. In most European countries America and Japan Casodex is the leading anti androgen drug that has a proven track record through man clinical trials.

The therapy well endured by individuals but there can be some slight side effects like breast swelling, breast pain and hot flashes. It came in to use first in 1995 as a part of a combination treatment for prostate cancer in an advanced stage.

The drug can also be referred to as complete or Maximal Androgen (CAB or MAB). Only in 1999 Casodex was available in 150 mg tablets for use as an individual therapy for early stages of prostate cancer. The license for the use of this drug depends on the native country.

Casodex - Its Benefits And Success

To use Casodex you should have information about its prescription and how it can be used. First it should be a 50mg dose along with LHRH analogue therapy or surgical castration. This combination is a therapy called complete or Maximum Androgen Blockade(CAB or MAB).

The 150 mg doses can be used in two ways- first as an individual therapy for men with locally advanced non cancerous prostate cancer recommended for hormone treatment. The second is as an individual therapy or along with radical prostatectomy and radio therapy for those with locally advanced prostate cancer.

It is interesting to know how Casodex works. It works by attaching itself to receptors on the surface of cancer cells and stops testosterone from stimulating the further growth of prostate cancer.

Taken in tablet form once a day it competes with androgens like testosterone for the receptor binding sites in the prostate cell. Blockade of these androgen cells kill the hormone sensitive cancer cells as they normally regulate prostate cell growth.

You should understand why Casodex is prescribed to you. It is prescribed for prostate cancer because of its proven track record. It has been very effective with treatable forms of cancer. It is also prescribed to individuals who have out of control growth of cancer to prevent cancer from developing. It may be prescribed along with other treatment options in cases of advanced prostate cancer.



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