Does Your Prostate Cancer Have a Say in Your Fertility

Impotence and incontinence are among the number of fears that men have regarding prostate cancer. It is believed that these are the threats to their sexual activity and fears of these even worsen when they are affected by prostate cancer.

Testosterone the male hormone stimulates the prostate cancer. Hence if this hormone is kept under control then it would help in treating prostate cancer. This is the basis for the hormonal therapy for the prostate cancer.

This hormonal therapy is also called the ADT (androgen deprivation therapy). In this method oestrogen or LHRH androgens are administered and this decreases the male sex hormone which slows down the growth of the cancer cells.

With the hormone therapy the cancerous cells get shrunk. Hence this is very useful in treatment during the early stages of the prostate cancer.

This treatment can also be used along with the surgical treatment and the radiation therapy. Since the level of testosterone is reduced there is always a possibility for impotence.

After the initial treatment for prostate cancer it is not possible to father a child through normal intercourse. You have to get the assistance of the surgeons and oncologists to try artificial insemination.

In case of a prostatectomy the seminal vesicles are removed. Hence there is no way the sperm could be transported out of the penis. Hence the sperm could not travel out to reach the egg.

However, if radiation therapy is taken instead of prostatectomy there is little chance for the sperm to move but may not move correctly. The sperm may get damaged when they are stored in the testicles. If accurate planning is done by the medical professionals this could be avoided.

You have to consider the option of sperm banking if you plan to get treated for the prostate cancer. Sperm banking should help you in fertilization through artificial methods.

In this method the sperm collected is frozen with the help of liquid nitrogen. Once they are thawed at least half of them would regenerate and they can be used in artificial insemination.

Another option is to extract sperm directly from the testicles. Then a single sperm is used to fertilize an egg. When the embryo forms it is implanted in the uterus of the woman to make it grow.



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