Prostrate Cancer Cure From Radiation Therapy

Prostate cancer is a very commonly occurring cancer among males specifically above the age of 50. But the worst thing about it is that its signs and symptoms are subtle and misleading. It often takes time to be diagnosed and treated.

It is progressive and slow growing and may not exhibit any symptoms.
A few symptoms develop as it progresses and these include frequent urination specially at night time, problem in the beginning and end of urination, blood in the urine and semen, total in ability to urinate, painful ejaculation, burning or painful urination.If any of these symptoms are felt consult the doctor immediately, explain your experience, and get a check up for prostate cancer.

Radiation Treatment With A Doctor’s Opinion

When diagnosed for prostate cancer the next step is treatment of the many types of treatment, the one recommend for prostate cancer is the radiation treatment.

Two Of A Kind

The two types of treatment for prostate cancer are brachy therapy and external radiation therapy.Brachy therapy, the first one for prostate cancer, involves the implanting of tiny radio active capsules inserted into the prostate gland. The seeds work by emitting a stream of radiation which kills the malignant tumor.

The procedure can be done on an out patient basis and takes about 45 minutes to one hour. In terms of recovery, the patient can be discharged the very same day and can resume his daily routine within a few days.

External radiation therapy is quite different. This is recommended only for the tumor that has already spread through the prostate capsule to surrounding tissues. It is also given an out patient basis for many weeks.

It is the doctor alone who can decide on the particular type of treatment that you will have dependant on a number of factors like your age, physical condition and the progress of cancer to the surrounding areas.



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