Obesity Means Less Responsive to Prostate Cancer Treatments

Depending on the type of person who is suffering from prostate cancer the effect is realized. Usually it spreads slowly but for some people who are unlucky it spreads faster than for others. Regarding the treatment for it, some men respond to the treatment quickly while in some the effect of the treatment is slow. If aggressive treatment is taken it will make them feel more ill.

Men who are considered obese will not respond well to the treatment like radiation therapy for prostate cancer. It is not known clearly why this happens like that. Hence such men might require more aggressive form of treatment to treat prostate cancer.

There are many opinions and theories as to why obese men are not responding properly to treatment for prostate cancer. It is believed that obese men have other problems which might interfere in the treatment.

It is found that they have persistent malignancy due to their over weight than the ordinary men. In short we can say that obese men find it difficult to manage their health and hence even the health care professionals find it difficult to handle them than the ordinary persons.

Even scientists could not find the reason for the slow response of the obese men to the treatment of prostate cancer. It is still a mystery to be solved. Many researches are going on in the cancer research centers.

It is found that the BMI (body mass index) plays a vital role in their response to the treatment. If you have high BMI then you are likely to respond slowly to the treatment of prostate cancer.

It is noticed that the tumor spreads or is already spread in a person who is having more weight than the person who is normal weight.

Diseases of the heart and diabetes might even complicate the problem for the obese person who is already suffering from obesity.

A person diet and his lifestyle are linked with the prostate cancer he is having. The risk is higher if he is older. Self examination and a change in lifestyle are recommended to detect the prostate cancer at an early stage itself.

Hence it is necessary that precaution should be taken to watch their lifestyle and the stress levels in their daily life. You will be prone to prostate cancer if you take lot of red meat.

Moreover if you don't do much exercise and do smoke you are likely to get affected by prostate cancer. Start thinking positively so that you can maintain good health. This will help you in the long run so that you can even prevent prostate cancer.



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