How to Make Your Post Prostate Cancer Diagnosed Life More Meaningful and Less Painful

Getting back to normal life is a tedious task for the person who has undergone treatment for the prostate cancer. Semen ejaculation cannot be done once the prostate gland is removed. Some patients might not be able to get an erection once the prostate gland is removed.

The nerve damage that is afflicted during the surgery is what that makes such a condition. Some of the new surgical techniques available now make it possible for some men to return to have some sexual function due to the minimal damage to the nerves.

The side effects like erectile dysfunction or impotence can be treated with medications like Viagra. This type of medication may cause heart problems and low blood pressure. Hence they should be prescribed by your doctor if necessary.

Although semen production is not there, men who have undergone this treatment can have orgasm without the production of semen. If patient want to father a child he had to freeze his semen in a sperm bank so that artificial insemination can be done.

If cancer is not spread away from the prostate then the chances of survival would be 5 year and close to 100%. However it depends on the age, the stage of the cancer and the type of treatment given.

Treatment of cancer is essential to younger men although treatments using radiation and chemotherapy are difficult for them. Long term vision should be kept in mind and consideration for the quality of life should be there.

For men who are old enough and have cancer in other parts of the body the care providers should make special considerations.

The cause of a prostate cancer is not clear, however the risk of getting it can be reduced if you do sufficient exercise and stop smoking. You should have high fibre content and low fat diet. Statistics reveal that people who take green leafy vegetable more are less likely to have prostate cancer.

If you are one among those who take tomatoes twice a week then you may not get prostate cancer.

Lycopene is an antioxidant found in some fruits and vegetables. This is known to protect you against prostate cancer. This is due to the nature of the antioxidants to protect the cell protein.

If you are over 40 then it is wise to get screened annually so that you are not getting prostate cancer. If detected earlier it is curable to some extent. To detect cancer in the early stages you have to do routine PSA test and the digital rectal examinations regularly.

During early stages it has to be observed carefully and the needed radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery can be done. Some of the complications that you can expect due to prostate cancer are urinary incontinence and impotence.

However there are medications for these. In older men prostate cancer requires minimal treatment since it grows very slowly. A much more aggressive form of treatment is needed in youngsters.



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