Diagnosed for Prostate Cancer? Get to Know the Possible Treatment Side Effects

Careful planning is taken by the doctors to avoid or reduce the side effects of the prostate cancer treatments. The treatments done for prostate cancer might cause damage to the healthy cells in our body and might cause undesirable side effects.

Depending on the type of the treatment and the measure of the treatment the side effects many vary. The doctors who are in charge of your treatment are supposed to inform you about the side effects of the treatment.

They may also suggest you the ways and means to relieve the symptoms and side effects during and after the treatment for prostate cancer. You should inform the medical professionals of the side effects that you experience.

Prostate Cancer Surgery and the side effects that follow

Pain is the most common side effect that a patient experiences after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer. During the first few days after the surgery the patient might experience discomfort. You can inform this to your doctor or nurse if the pain is more. They might suggest some relief for you.
Tiredness and lack of energy are the other side effects that you may experience. The recovery time for the patients might vary from patient to patient.

If the prostate is removed surgically it can cause urinary incontinence and in some cases permanent impotence. Now-a-days there are new methods that are used which can lessen the effects.

These new techniques use the nerve sparing techniques which cause very minimal damage to the nerves and this also prevents any permanent damage that is done to the nerves. In this type of surgery the side effects experienced are only temporary.

Side Effects following Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy

Severe fatigue is one of the major side effects that are experienced by the patients undergoing radiation therapy. The patients who have undergone this therapy are asked to be more active. The skin the area in which radiation therapy was done would be tender, dry, and red.

Another side effect that is common is the loss of hair in the pelvic area. This side effect could be temporary or permanent depending on the type of radiation that is given.

Impotence is caused by radiation that is performed internally. This does not happen often. Internal radiation is less likely to cause damage to the erection causing nerves.

Side effects following Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy

A decline in sexual desire is caused by the hormone therapies like LHRH agonist, estrogen and orchiectomy. Other side effects are hot flashes and impotence. The growth of the tumours is increased by the LHRH agonist and this can make the symptoms worse. This condition known as ‘tumour flare’ is a temporary setback.

The testosterone levels are reduced in the person with this drug. This helps in slowing down of the growth of the tumour cells and hence the condition improves.
The side effects of oestrogen or anti androgen are nausea and vomiting. Due to the risk of a problem of the heart this drug is not often used on men.



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