Prostate Cancer And The Risk Of Its Recurrence

The prostate a specific and important part of male reproductive system, produces semen, a thick liquid that carries the sperm. It is of the size of a large walnut and is placed just beneath the bladder.

Prostate cancer most commonly occurs in male above the age of fifty. It is serious and strange and can remain inactive even for years. When activated it progresses slowly.
It’s very slow growth is the positive factor of prostate cancer. When diagnosed early and treated properly the curing rate is 90%. But the biggest problem is to identify the symptoms very early as they are very subtle or misleading.

Prostate Cancer Recurrence

If the cancer returns even after proper treatment, it is called prostate cancer recurrence. This is a very common thing and that is why the patient should be very careful in taking proper steps and be health conscious.

After prostate cancer treatment, you have to take a few medical checkups according to the advice of the doctor. At these monthly checkups blood tests are taken to detect PSA levels.

PSA or Prostate specific antigen is a particular protein produced by the cells of the prostate gland. It is present in the serum of normal men. To a certain level it is healthy but its level is elevated in prostate cancer. It is for this reason that you should monitor your PSA levels regularly.

A Healthy Lifestyle Can Prevent Its Return

Though there are no definite ways to prevent the recurrence of prostate cancer, there are a few things that help in preventing the return of prostate cancer.

Maintain a healthy life style, eat healthy and nutritious diet, do good exercise, and avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking.Following these guide lines well not only prevent the recurrence of prostate cancer, but ward off other ailments and diseases.



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