Prostate Cancer Surgery Alternatives

Prostate Cancer is a common condition that affects majority of the older men. In the beginning stage, it is manageable but later on it becomes terminal and it may lead to other types of cancer. Therefore early detection is important in order to know which treatment regimen can be applied to stop this cancer from spreading and inflict more damage. The surgery for this type of cancer is normally done to fix the problem. The surgery ensures that malignant cells are not able to spread. Radiation therapy makes the treatment more effective.

Listed below are the various options for surgical procedures that could be done.

Radical prostatectomy is a procedure that includes taking out the prostate, seminal vesicles, surrounding tissue and the pelvic lymph nodes. There are two different approaches. Retropubic prostatectomy cuts through the lower abdomen while perineal prostatectomy cuts through the perineum. This is done in the space between scrotum and rectum. While carrying out any of these procedures general anesthesia is given to the patients.

Nowadays doctors administer laparascopic surgery and this procedure needs some special equipments, including a camera. Many incisions are made–the camera is inserted through one such incision and the other incisions are for other instruments. This surgery can be performed using the more advanced robotic arms.

Depending on the discretion of the doctor, lymph nodes can be taken out during prostatic surgery known as lymphadenectomy. They are taken out because they may spread malignant cells to the other organs of the body. Biopsies and PSA tests are done to determine the severity of the disease. This procedure could be done openly or laparoscopic.

In the nerve sparing surgery the doctor leaves the nerves near the prostate intact as these nerves help attain and maintain an erection.

While choosing the procedure the long term side effects should be considered. There is possibility of losing erection, which is a genuine concern for younger men. The procedure can lead to bladder problems that could be embarrassing. These aspects should be viewed seriously and appropriate steps taken.

Another aspect to be considered by the doctor while opting for prostate cancer surgery is there is no knowledge of malignant cells spreading to other parts. The treatment for the disease may not end with surgery.


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