Robotic Prostatectomy - A New Medical Technique To Cure Prostrate Cancer

If you are uncomfortable with the complications and side effects of prostate cancer surgery, radiation and cryotherapy, you can think of a new treatment involving robotics. This is called robotic prostatectomy which is also called Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy.

This performs a minimally invasive prostate cancer surgery through the use of a laparoscopic surgical robotic unit knows as the da- Vinci system manufactured by Intuitive Surgical.
This robotic surgery has revolutionized and advanced the methods of prostate cancer surgery and treatment methods by reducing blood loss, pain and recovery time and undesirable side effects. Hence this is referred to as a blood loss prostate surgery.

The surgery takes place with some very small and precise instruments inserted through small entrances in to body. The surgeon manipulates the prostate tissue very carefully and removes the gland completely or parts of it without any harm or trauma, different from the techniques used earlier.

Consequent to the new treatment a few small marks are left on the abdomen which need not be worried about as they are normally associated with prostate cancer surgery. There arte no unpleasant and common side effects as in traditional prostatectomy as the robotic surgery has removed only the prostate.

The Painless And Less Bloody Robotic Surgery

The hospital stay is very short the patient is discharged either on the same day or after a day of the surgery. The recovery period is also very short and there is quick return to normal activities compared to the other surgery as the nerves and vessels responsible for bladder and sexual functions are not affected.

There is less pain and risk of infection as the surgeon performs surgery delicately with the help of robotic vision and precision. Magnification of nerves and vessels about ten to fifteen times reduces loss of blood and transfusions and increases accuracy.

It is a minimally invasive treatment and has become the first treatment option for many prostate surgeons. The method also reduced post operative scanning as there are only smaller incisions compared to the regular prostate surgery methods.



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